Our Partners

Wealth Management

We are pleased to support our advisors by enabling them to offer mutual funds to clients from a wide range of fund managers. When appropriate, advisors may also offer clients direct referrals to select portfolio managers.

Home, Auto, and Business Insurance

We are pleased to refer clients to Surex for your home, auto, and business insurance needs. Please click the link below to start the process of receiving a quote. By clicking the button, you are also acknowledging the disclosures following the link.

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Regulatory Disclosures

  • The referral is made pursuant to an agreement between Belay Wealth Inc. and SurexDirect.com Ltd. ("Surex"), which allows Belay to refer clients to Surex.
  • Surex is licensed to provide home, auto, business, and similar types of insurance. Belay is registered as a mutual fund dealer. Belay is not licensed to provide insurance products, so Surex and its agents will provide all services related to those products. Neither Belay nor its advisor are allowed to offer advice about the Surex insurance products.
  • If you buy an insurance policy from Surex, Surex will pay Belay a referral fee of 30% of the first year's commissions Surex earns from selling you the policy.
  • We do not believe the referral arrangement creates any conflicts of interest.
  • Surex is not related to Belay and Belay is not responsible for the content of the linked pages.