Embracing the Future - A Message from Belay Wealth's CEO

A mentor of mine was fond of repeating a motto that was simple and rings true to me now, “plan your work and work your plan”. This man taught me the important role of planning, part of which is attempting to foresee obstacles that might hinder progress. He taught to plan for disruptions and create contingency plans within plans for what might come. As financial planners it is important to plan out how life events will affect clients and to attempt to be ready for all sorts of problems.

No one can fully plan for social disruption and pandemic viruses; no one can foresee how markets will be affected by other states and actors or the unexpected closure of borders. In a time when we are being asked to stay home, to practice social distancing and perhaps even self quarantine, many find themselves in a situation of wanting to be able to work but not quite knowing how. It’s at times like this that people are tempted to throw away their plans to give in to the current circumstance. They fail to work their plans and their plan becomes useless: this doesn’t need to be the case.

At Belay Wealth Inc. we have been working diligently to create a platform that allows advisors to communicate with their clients, to be able to continue working whether from home, from the office or on the road. We have in place proprietary software that allows for online mutual fund activity which is fast, reliable and safe. We utilize the latest technology which allows our advisors to initiate trades remotely, upon a client’s request. Those trades are queued up and sent to the client through our software for approval; when the clients approve the trade they are able to safely and securely digitally sign the documents; once signed, the trade is released to Fundserv in real time. All of this is conveniently stored in the software leaving a compliance trail accepted by regulators. We have been working to move to a paperless system and have successfully managed this. You can onboard your clients, email fund facts, and perform the activities of mutual fund processing all digitally within our system, so wherever you are you can keep working for your clients.

At Belay Wealth we strive to embody an adventurer’s attitude and we realize that chaos breeds opportunity. Opportunity must be acted on; seized in the moment. Our mission is to provide advisors the support they need to be able to act when opportunity knocks. We understand that things don’t always go according to plan; in fact we plan on it. Amazing things can happen when preparation meets opportunity. In these tumultuous times we trust our advisers are equipped to act fast and are prepared to take advantage of any situation as it unfolds. As advisors you work hard to plan for your clients and we work hard to enable advisors to work their plans, regardless of what is happening around them.

We do not fear the future, we embrace it and we are eager to put technology to use for us in order to effectively navigate the changes as they come. We believe our software gives our advisors an edge allowing them to act quickly and to work from anywhere. We cannot control the markets but we can control how we move within the market. Don’t be caught in a situation where your hands are tied by outside factors – take control of your ability to work and work hard for your clients. We are a fully licensed and fully functioning mutual fund dealership based in Calgary, Alberta. If you are ready to climb we are ‘on Belay’.

Dahlin Sabey, CEO
20 March 2020

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