How We're Different

The Holistic Difference

At Belay we believe a proper financial plan cannot exist without a holistic approach – from each tax season, to every long-term investment. That’s why Belay believes in connecting investment and professional accounting/tax practices, covering every aspect of your financial plan – now and into the future.

Belay: The Strength To Guide You Higher

In climbing parlance a belayer is the person on the other end of the rope – the one keeping you safe despite the apparent danger of the drop below. It’s this sense of security in the midst of risk we provide to our clients.

Just as it’s important to choose the right person to belay you, it’s vital to choose the right team to manage your financial future. Belay possesses the strength and knowledge to keep your financial plans secure, be it through fluctuations in the market, or in your own life.

Genuine Connection

You can hire the most talented people to work with your money, but if they don’t take the time to understand you, or where you’re trying to get, they’ll never be able to make your money work in a way which completely fits you.

Belay desires to connect with every person we work with. Through this connection trust and understanding are formed, helping us to create a personalized financial plan which complements each client’s life – meeting them where they’re at, and helping them to do the most with their finances.