Privacy Policy

Belay and your advisor are required to obtain your consent to collect, use, and disclose your personal information. This requirement is pursuant to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”) and equivalent legislation in some provinces.

Authorization and Consent

The personal information that you provide to Belay, or that Belay collects with your consent, with respect to your investment application and other forms will be protected and maintained in a client file with Belay.

Belay may collect, use, and disclose your personal information to:

  • confirm your identity and the accuracy of the information provided by you or collected with your consent;
  • conduct searches to locate you and update your contact information in your file;
  • better understand the history of your financial dealings with Belay and others and determine your eligibility for products and services that you have applied for or which Belay offers to you, now or in the future;
  • properly administer and service any financial services and products that Belay provides to you;
  • keep records of instructions given by you over the telephone;
  • maintain quality service levels;
  • help Belay understand the current and future needs of its customers;
  • provide you with details of other financial products offered by Belay, its affiliates, and other select financial product providers; and
  • comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

Prior to a decision being made on your investment application, you may withdraw your application and this consent and request that any information collected on you be destroyed. Once the account has been opened, if you withdraw your consent for Belay to use and disclose your personal information Belay may no longer be able to properly administer your account and will have the legal right to require the closure of your investment account (subject to penalties, if applicable). Notwithstanding such withdrawal of consent by you, Belay may be required by law or regulation to maintain and use your personal information for record keeping, tax, and financial reporting.

Your Social Insurance Number (“SIN”) may be used for tax reporting purposes and other purposes required or permitted by law. Belay may also use your SIN as a unique identifier to keep your personal information separate from that of other customers with similar names, for internal and external matching of your personal records against records exchanged with third parties that you have consented to, and to maintain the integrity and accuracy of your personal information.

Before Belay collects, uses, and discloses your personal information for any other purpose, Belay will explain the purpose to you and seek your consent.

Who May Access Your Personal Information

Access to your personal information, which includes any details of the denial of your application, will be limited to:

  • Belay’s employees and representatives and their delegates, in the performance of their duties for Belay;
  • fund companies or other issuers of investments named in any forms completed for your benefit;
  • service providers used by Belay, in the performance of their duties for Belay;
  • those to whom you gave permission; and
  • those authorized by law, such as regulators.

Belay does not sell or rent any client information to any organization or individual.

Service Providers

Belay may use external service providers for services such as printing services, mail services, distribution services, information technology services, administrative services, and marketing services. Belay may change service providers or enter into an agreement with new service providers. Where personal information is provided to Belay’s service providers to perform the various services they provide, Belay will contractually require them to protect the personal information in a manner that is consistent with Belay’s privacy policies and practices.

Further Information

Subject to any legal and contractual restrictions described above, you may withdraw your consent to Belay’s collection, use and disclosure of my personal information, at any time. To do so, you may call Belay at 1-587-393-7876 or write to Belay as below. You acknowledge that the withdrawal of certain kinds of consent may delay or preclude the opening of your account.

You may request additional information or request access to your personal information in your file at any time and, subject to the restrictions provided by law, ask that any inaccurate or incomplete information be corrected. To do so, you may send a written request with details to:

Privacy Officer
Belay Wealth Inc.
#111, 8855 Macleod Trail S.
Calgary, AB T2H 0M2