Why You Should Join Belay


Culture of Belay

Belay supports a culture of likeminded advisors who share our belief in comprehensive financial planning. Our primary objective is facilitating holistic planning and not just selling products.  We believe that success is driven by delivering a fresh analysis for every client.  We are committed to finding advisors who have a passion for improving their skill as a professional and using those skills to benefit others.  Some advisors are less concerned with the prosperity of their clients and more concerned with their own prosperity. We focus on financial planners who understand that by focussing on creating long-term wealth for their clients, they will be more successful.


Focus on Professional Designations

Through a selective screening process, we can ensure that the financial planners that Belay partners with are of the highest standard.  We have a preference for advisors with a recognized professional designation or the initiative to work toward one, as well as a commitment to continued financial planning education. By focusing on a designation and associating ourselves with the most skilled advisors, we can assure our clients that they are dealing with someone who is held to a higher ethical standard and who has the knowledge to help clients meet their needs.


Belay is Dealership For Financial Planners Built By Financial Planners

Our advisors have different financial experience and backgrounds, but we all have a commitment to ethics and integrity in common. Our dealership is built on advisors who believe in building relationships with clients, founded on solid advice and not transaction based. We know there are financial planners within Canada who have considerable expertise and have been able to maintain a high degree of integrity and professionalism. We invite you to join us. We believe that our dealership size allows us to be more nimble in our reactions, and feel that advisors should not have to subsidize the high cost of compliance for those individuals that do not have the same level of ethics and integrity.

What Makes Us Different

If you have been in the industry for any length of time, the role of a dealership will not be news to you.  Dozens of dealerships in Canada have operated under the assumption that their primary role is to provide a product shelf for advisors.  Some firms claim to add value by having superior compliance departments to make the lives of their advisors easier.  This brings about the question: are product shelf and back office compliance the only two ways that dealerships differentiate themselves?

Belay believes that a dealership’s role is far greater than merely offering compliance or suppling products. Our role is to support the holistic financial planning approach for all clients through our unique network of accountants and planners.