Humble Beginnings

Belay began with Shannon crunching numbers at their family farm’s kitchen table as an accountant, and giving solid financial advice to a local pond of clients. As she realized how much direction her clients needed, she got her Certified Financial Planner certification, and pursued constant education, in order to better help her clients– and her own family. From these humble roots, Belay has grown to challenge the status quo of an entire industry.

A Family Affair

Dahlin grew up surrounded by Shannon’s approach to accounting. The artificial line between financial planning and accounting didn’t exist in the Sabey household, so when it was Dahlin’s time to step into the business, he didn’t have to choose between the two – he chose both. But instead of simply using his Certified Financial Planner certificate to add extra value to his Chartered Professional Accountant designation, he decided to go further – creating a mutual fund dealership and challenging the conservative financial industry.

Taking Care Of Our Clients

It was never Shannon’s intent to change the financial industry. She just wanted to help the people who came to her – and that meant more than just doing their taxes. She listened to each person, building solid relationships and forming trust so she could offer useful, practical advice for each person’s unique financial journey. This same desire is the heart of Belay.

Together, Dahlin and Shannon are Belay, here to offer their clients the very best for their financial futures, with the strength, experience, and heart to pull you to the heights you wish to be.